Professor Cheung

Professor Cheung graduated from the 2-year full time MBA programme at the London Business School. He received his PhD from Beijing’s Tsinghua University.

Professor Cheung has over 40 years of international marketing, global manufacturing and regional retail experience. He had been CEO, Director and General Manager of various reputable multi-national companies. Professor Cheung had also been in charge of a factory of over 5,500 workers. On regional retail, he had experienced in doing business in 13 different Asia Pacific countries, operating retail shops and duty free business. He had also operated a 600-staff luxurious department store and a clothing chain with 185 retail outlets. Professor Cheung specialized in international and regional new business development, new product development, supply chain management, marketing management, human resources management, and finance. Later he set up his own businesses, including clothing retail chain stores, frozen seafood import/export business, restaurants, education consulting company and business advisory company. In 2009, Professor Cheung was a contractual partner with the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO), Slovak Republic in attracting foreign investors and on support to export activities by Slovakian business entities.

Professor Cheung has always been very active in teaching postgraduate business management courses worldwide for universities and training institutes. He had taught in various Australian, Canadian, Chinese, including Hong Kong, Finish, French, Irish and UK universities. He used to teach Entrepreneurship and Doing business in China for Beijing’s Tsinghua University. At present, he teaches part-time for the Department of Marketing, Tsinghua University, Entrepreneurial Marketing course and acted as an entrepreneurial supervisor to students. He had been an Entrepreneur-in- Residence of Tsinghua University X-Lab project. Professor Cheung also offered different Doing business in China courses for the Hong Kong Management Association and the Hong Kong Productivity Council. He had also been consultant editor for the book “Strategies for Doing Business in China” which was sponsored by the HKSAR government in cooperation with the Hong Kong Productivity Council. At present, Professor Cheung is active in the Belt & Road Initiatives business ventures.

Professor Cheung is Managing Director of his own company and directors of several international companies with a focus on doing business in China.

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